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Junction Box

A device that serves to provide power supply to Pointrek Access Point box

Pointrek Access Point

The functions as a mini server for the apps to the user via the media interface

How we do it


Observing a thing or object by breaking the components to be studied further


Preprocessing a process / measures taken to make the data more quality


As a measure under consideration that the tool can work as expected


Finalize, finish, terminate, finish the concept of material required


Identifying result from the work process tool against information systems


Managerial process customer to ensure that the tool can be used according to its function

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Some of the pictures we show the activities during the production process, the process of field or formal events.

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PT. OpenSky Indonesia an information technology company that focuses on :

On time projects

Work on schedule and on time from planning to delivery process.

Fully support

Full support of the charges and the process.

Professional Experience

The central component of all pre-service programs. It is where theory and practice is integrated and inter-related.

Communicative team

Strong communication skills team can help build relationships and bring new breakthroughs.

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Jatibening Estate E4/8 Pondok Gede
Bekasi 17412 - West Java, Indonesia